Modernizing Nostalgia

At Zen, we know what we like. And that’s exactly what we make—the games we want to play. We modernize nostalgia here—our games take us back to the ones we grew up on, all while still feeling like a product of today.

We put the 2020s into the 1980s and ‘90s. Sometimes with an RPG… Sometimes with strategy… Sometimes with pinball…
(Okay… Very often with pinball.)

The Biggest Little Gaming Studio on Earth

Zen has grown dramatically since its founding 2003, to become one of Hungary’s largest gaming studios.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, from Star Wars, Marvel and Ghostbusters to DOOM, Telltale’s The Walking Dead and Portal. Yet we still remain indie to the core. Right where we like it.

Come for the Pinball, Stay for the Everything Else

Some say no one’s ever done digital pinball better than our Pinball FX series. And hey…who are we to argue with “Some”? But our other stuff is pretty great too.

The thinking-man’s action of CastleStorm II. The character-driven role-play of Operencia: The Stolen Sun. The fan-generated content of Infinite Minigolf. The general awesomeness of…oh…sorry…Desiree in PR says we’re not supposed to talk about that one yet.

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