CastleStorm Definitive/Complete Edition

Enjoy a unique take on medival warfare in Zen Studios’ light-hearted action-strategy game. As rival fortresses attack your own, you’ll use a ballista to fling an assortment of weapons at enemy towers and spear approaching enemies, while sending your own troops and unleashing powerful spells.

About This Content

Battling opposing units up-close as an individual hero nicely balances the ranged combat, and CastleStorm’s goofy characters and richly detailed graphics keep it an enchanting experience throughout.

CastleStorm Definitive Edition includes new content and features!

  • Original campaign and 2 expansions
  • 20 new single player battles
  • 4 new extreme survival battles
  • 10 new magic spells
  • Enhanced graphics: real time shadows, advanced particles, 1080p@60fps + 4x MSAA, Stereoscopic 3D @ 60fps
  • Full screen split-screen mode