Garfield Pinball

Feast your way through mounds of lasagna to score big in Garfield Pinball! Dig up bones with Odie, woo Arlene, fight the alarm clock, and find Pooky the teddy bear to reach Feast Frenzy, all for a perfect feline day of eating and sleeping.

About This Content

Table features:
– Help Garfield order pizzas, put lasagnas in the oven, or get rid of pesky mice to start the many multiball modes
– Woo Arlene and collect flowers for growing awards
– Garfield needs his sleep! Turn the lights off and gather more time so the alarm clock doesn’t wake him
– It’s TV Time! Garfield wants to sit in front of the TV all day — keep him entertained
– Dig up bones with Odie, but watch out for the Vicious Dog
– Get frenetic scores in the Feeding Frenzy wizard mode