Jurassic World™ Pinball

With one pinball table based on Jurassic World™ and two more inspired by Jurassic Park™, you know what that means – LIFE FOUND A WAY!

About This Content

– Jurassic Park™ Pinball plays through classic scenes from the original blockbuster film, from classic T. rex confrontations to outsmarting raptors in the kitchen.

– Jurassic Park Pinball Mayhem™ returns us to Isla Nublar to restore order in an action-packed extravaganza — playable Stegosaurus included!

– Jurassic World™ Pinball enables you to train Raptors, view the spectacular Mosasaurus feeding, and escape the deadly Indominus Rex. You’ll even experience Gyrosphere Valley using a playable gyrosphere pinball.

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