Star Wars™ Pinball VR – Han Solo

The newest free addition to the Star Wars Pinball VR library – the Han Solo pinball table!

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good play on the Han Solo table. Relive the adventures of Han and Chewbacca – now in VR!

About This Content

This pinball table is dedicated to the great Han Solo during the Classic Trilogy era. There are no lightsabers or strangely behaving pinballs here. Just pure physics and – of course – a good blaster at your side.

Table features:

– Millennium Falcon playfield toy. Place the ball in the secret compartments or fix the hyperdrive!

– Go for high scores as Han and Chewie react right next to you in the VR environment.

– A stop magnet in the first Death Star may capture the ball like a tractor beam.

– Unlock new Fan Cave customization options dedicated to the greatest scoundrel in the galaxy.

– Navigate the dangerous asteroid field as you avoid laser fire in full 360 immersion enhanced for VR.