A huge update is coming to Pinball FX December 7

Published: November 23, 2023

 A huge update is coming to Pinball FX December 7

Published: November 23, 2023

Dear Pinball Fans,

What a Pinball Bites episode we had! Thank you very much to all of you who watched our show live, and for those who didn’t have the opportunity to check it out, this is your last chance before the spoilers. 😉

First of all, we have revealed the third table of Game Night Pinball Volume 1, which is coming to Pinball FX on December 7! You have probably heard about Gloomhaven™ Pinball and Exploding Kittens®: A Pinball Cat-astrophe before, and we are happy to say that the third one is also a banger: Terraforming Mars Pinball!

The race for taming the Red Planet has begun! Run one of the mega-corporations and use your pinball skills to raise the oxygen level, heat up the planet, and create vast oceans on your way to the top of the leaderboards.

Our next release is a super sweet surprise for Christmas!  A Charlie Brown Christmas™ Pinball is coming to Pinball FX on December 7!

Join the Peanuts crew in putting on a play and decorating the most perfect tree there is. Decorate Snoopy’s house in Multiball to win the Lights and Display contest, feed Snoopy a snack by shooting his bowl, and direct a play in the Wizard mode and to the Peanuts crew together.

Boldly go, where no one has gone before in Star Trek™ Pinball! Explore 3tables based on the fan-favorite movies and TV series of the franchise ranging from classics to the present day, and live long and prosper on the leaderboards!
Join Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise on their mission to discover new civilizations, form alliances, and neutralize threats to the Federation on

Star Trek™ Pinball: Kelvin Timeline.

Star Trek™ Pinball: Discovery: Michael Burnham and the shipmates of the U.S.S. Discovery rely on your pinball prowess, as you play through iconic moments from the first four seasons of the series. Make contact with the residents of 10-C and utilize the time loop for victory!

Travel to the edges of the final frontier and arrive at the space station Deep Space 9! Use your pinball skills to lead the crew and Captain Benjamin Sisko in ending the Dominion War on Star Trek™ Pinball: Deep Space Nine!

And there is more! Two of the most popular Zen Originals are making their debut in Pinball FX. The Charity Pack combining Epic Quest and Excalibur will bring joy to those in need and help to preserve pinball culture, as Zen will donate 50% of the proceeds to Project Pinball (United States 46-3417202) and 50% to the Budapest Pinball Museum (Hungary MK/20980/2013) for each sale of this product. 

The enthusiastic knight Max travels once more to defeat evil monsters, rescue the wealthy princess, and look for restitution in the way of valuable loot. Surely an Epic Quest if ever there was one!

The legend of Excalibur reveals the path to become a renowned and noble knight of King Arthur. Start Merlin’s Magical Multiball or duel with other knights in Camelot – a seat at the round table awaits the victor.

Now you have seen all the new tables coming to Pinball FX on December 7, however, we will have new features coming as well! Check out the Pinball Bites episode for details on those!

See you on the leaderboards!