CastleStorm Character Profiles: Week 2

Published: November 14, 2012

CastleStorm Character Profiles: Week 2

Published: November 14, 2012

This week: flying troops! Meet the handsome Griffin of the King’s Royal Air Force and the formidable Dragon, who patrols the air for the Vikings! If you missed last week’s profile, you can check it out here.




Allegiance: King’s Royal Air Force (to be reckoned with!)


Regal, yet deadly.


Meet the mighty griffin! Half eagle, half lion, and ALL AWESOME. The griffin is the soul member of the King’s Air Force and flies high over the battlefield.  This majestic yet fierce feline-avian beast uses his sharp talons to take out enemy troops on the ground. He won’t let you ride on his back, but he’s definitely got yours when you need it most.


Take flight with this tip: Make sure your griffin is leveled up, or one hit from a well-aimed Viking projectile, and he’s down. But once he’s leveled up, watch out, Vikings.












Allegiance: He flies for Vikings


Impervious to shouts.

Check this guy out! He’s mean, he’s got huge teeth and oh yeah, HE CAN FLY. This high-flying, flesh-tearing monster is the Viking’s answer to the Knights’ precious little kitty-bird, the Griffin.  He likes to eat super-scorching fire-flavored hot wings with extra sauce on the side just to get that burning mouth sensation that all dragons should experience.


Tinder Tip: It’s gonna take more than just a shout to get this dragon to fall, if you know what I mean.


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