CastleStorm Character Profiles: Week 3

Published: November 21, 2012

CastleStorm Character Profiles: Week 3

Published: November 21, 2012

Next up, ground troops with projectiles! These two strapping soldiers could be the key to winning the war—they can both throw projectiles and capture flags if you know how to use them. If you missed the first two sets of characters, you can catch them here and here.



Catapult Bearer


Allegiance: Knights


Now, where's my catapult?

 With a face only a mother could love and a catapult on his back, the Catapult Bearer does the heavy lifting—and throwing. He serves as the heavy artillery on the ground and is a threat to enemy troops as well as the opposing castle. Don’t mess with this dude; he’ll huff and he’ll puff and he’ll knock your house down with the catapult strapped to his back.


Projectile Pro Tip: Make sure your Catapult Bearer is facing the right direction, he’s not the sharpest sword on the rack and he might take out friendly troops… or even your own castle!











Hammer Thrower


Allegiance: Vikings



The Knights think they’re so big and bad with their Catapult Bearer… well, check out this blond bombshell! He is blessed with brawny arms and keen sight and he can hurl hammers great distances! The Hammer Thrower moves slowly, but he can grab your enemy’s flag while he pummels enemy troops and their castle with giant hammers. His favorite battle cry can be heard across the land: “Hammer to the face, comin’ up!”


Hammer Help: If you can get this slow-mover across the battlefield to your enemy’s door, grab that flag and bring it home to win the battle!


Next Wednesday is our final set of CastleStorm profiles, so be sure to check back next week! Also, check out the official CastleStorm website and the Zen Studios Youtube channel for the latest trailers.