CastleStorm Character Profiles: Week 4

Published: November 28, 2012

CastleStorm Character Profiles: Week 4

Published: November 28, 2012

It’s time for another look at some of the CastleStorm characters you will soon be sending into battle! Today we present the Swordsman and the Dire Wolf! Both characters are of vital importance to the Knights and Vikings, respectively, so use them wisely! If you are just catching up on all this CastleStorm info, be sure to check out the latest character profiles:


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Allegiance: Knights


Knight who says Ni? Nah.

 Enter, the Swordsman. He fights hard and he’s the backbone of the Knight’s war effort. He originally auditioned to be one of the famous Knights of Ni, but didn’t make the cut. Now he happily works for the Knights, as a sword-swinging soldier on the front line.


Swordsman Suggestion: You’ll need quite a few of these guys to help you in your fight against the Vikings, but don’t worry, he works for minimum wage.













Dire Wolf


Allegiance: Vikings


That's one pernicious pup.

 Ever since this Dire Wolf was a little pup, he wanted nothing more than to fight for the Vikings. His puppy dreams were filled with epic battles between Vikings and Knights, and he always saw himself leading the charge onto the battlefield. Now that he’s all grown up, this big bad wolf is an essential part of the Viking army. The Dire Wolf is fast and vicious, but you’ll need quite a few to keep your enemy from getting to your flag and heading home with it.


Dire Advice: He’s quick on his feet, but obviously lacks hands to carry your enemy’s flag back to base. Use him to help escort a flag-carrying character across the battlefield.


Thanks for taking a look at some of our favorite CastleStorm characters, we’ll have more news soon, so be sure to check back! Also, read more about the game on the official CastleStorm website and see the Zen Studios Youtube channel for the latest trailers.