CastleStorm: Know Your Characters

Published: November 7, 2012

CastleStorm: Know Your Characters

Published: November 7, 2012

We know you’ve all been waiting patiently for more information about CastleStorm… well here it is! Each Wednesday in November, we’ll be posting profiles that give you a more in-depth look into a few of CastleStorm’s quirky characters! This week, you’ll be introduced to a couple of total hunks, the Stone Golem and the Mountain Troll. So, without further ado…



The Stone Golem


Allegiance: Knights


"Rock & Roll!"

The Stone Golem likes to rock and roll all night and break down castle doors every day! What he lacks in speed, he makes up in brute strength. His giant rock fists are great for smashing enemies into the ground and he can capture the enemy castle’s flag, but he is slow to bring it back to base. Use him to fight against enemy troops on the ground and bash in castle doors with ease.


Tip for rocking out with this hardcore guy: be sure to have a healer and other troops on the ground to accompany this lumbering wall of awesome.











The Mountain Troll


Allegiance: Vikings, duh!


Isn't he cute?

The Mountain Troll is a huge, cuddly sweetheart who only wants to give hugs to the Stone Golem and the rest of the Kingdom’s troops. Oh wait, no he doesn’t! This giant, drooling moron carries a log with spikes in it and wants nothing more than to bash in skulls. Speak softly and carry a big stick? More like grunt loudly and carry a huge spikey log.


Troll Tip: He’s the Viking equivalent of the Stone Golem, which means he’s a big strong oaf who can capture the flag, but he is a slow mover. Be sure to have extra troops around to usher this numbskull back from the enemy castle once he grabs the flag.


Check back next Wednesday for another pair of CastleStorm character profiles! Also, check out the official CastleStorm website and the Zen Studios Youtube channel for the latest trailers.