Pinball FX3 coming soon to the Nintendo Switch!

Published: November 1, 2017

Pinball FX3 coming soon to the Nintendo Switch!

Published: November 1, 2017

Pinball FX3 and the Nintendo Switch are a perfect match! The world’s biggest, most community-driven pinball service is coming to the Nintendo Switch very soon as a free download for all players!

Tailored specifically to make use of the unique possibilities of the system, Pinball FX3 will support vertical monitor orientation and HD Rumble, giving the game the perfect feel on this awesome handheld system.

On the Switch, you’ll get unprecedented mobility to earn the coveted first spot on a leaderboard. When that high-score and feeling is lit and you are in the flow, but need to catch a train – now you can! The transition from the living room to mobile is seamless with Switch, we’re really excited about this.

With HD Rumble support you’ll feel like you’re playing a real pinball table, and you really feel the kick of the bumpers. Want to get a good overview of the playfield? Flip your Switch vertically and observe the workings of the table from a fresh point-of-view.

With tons of new single and multiplayer features and a deep progression system you’ll keep coming back for more as you explore a collection of 30 beautifully crafted pinball tables at launch, and more to come.

Try your skill against other players with the Matchup system, where you can challenge players of your skill level and beat their score to advance to the top of the league! Play Tournaments created by Zen or other players, or create your own and compete with the whole community regardless of platform, or just your friends to hone your skill and win the ultimate bragging rights!

Become a better player with Challenge modes and learn entirely different tactics in the 1-Ball, 5 Minute and Survival challenges. Max out each of them to unlock the Wizard Powers of each table which, like the Rewind, Score Boost or Slow-Motion powers will give you an edge on the leaderboards and open up new possibilities of playing the game.

The game features Sorcerer’s Lair, a beloved Zen original pinball table with the free download, and the following tables will be available at launch:

• Universal Classics™ Pinball (Back to the Future, E.T., Jaws)
• Aliens vs. Pinball (Aliens, Alien vs. Predator, Alien: Isolation)
• Balls of Glory (Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, Archer, American Dad!)
• Portal
• The Walking Dead
• Sorcerer’s Lair (free)
• Carnivals & Legends (Adventure Land Pinball, Son of Zeus)
• Zen Classics (Shaman, Tesla, El Dorado, V12)
• Core Collection (Pasha, Rome, Biolab, Secrets of the Deep)
• Medieval Pack (Epic Quest, Excalibur)
• Sci-Fi Pack (Mars, Paranormal, Earth Defense)
• Iron & Steel (Wild West Rampage, CastleStorm)

We are very excited to expand our love of pinball to the Nintendo Switch, a console that electrified the gaming industry this year. Zen Studios is proud to join the prestigious and quickly growing library on the system with Pinball FX3.