Pinball M launches on Thursday! – Cabinet Mode

Published: November 28, 2023

Pinball M launches on Thursday! – Cabinet Mode

Published: November 28, 2023

Dear Pinball Fans,

We have seen multiple requests and questions about the availability of cabinet mode in Pinball M over the last week. 

We are happy to say, that cabinet mode will be available in the game from Day 1! This mode will be similar to the one we had in the earlier iterations of Pinball FX, so you might be familiar with it. The following instructions apply to the PC versions, however, you will be able to change the display orientation on consoles as well!

Let’s see the details!

How do I activate cabinet mode?

Open the game and then navigate to Settings. Click on ‘Cabinet Mode’ and the game will switch over. You can deactivate it the same way.

How much will it cost to access Cabinet Mode?

Just like in Pinball FX, cabinet mode will be free!

Do I need to be online for Cabinet Mode? 

In Pinball M, if you activate the mode in-game, offline play is supported. 

How can I place the DMD and the Backglass where desired? 

Activate Cabinet Mode in the Settings menu.
This will create the Cabinet folder in your game directory. You can reach it by going into:

Steam\steamapps\common\Pinball M\PinballM\Mods\Cabinet

– OR –

Epic Games\PinballM\PinballM\Mods\Cabinet

You will find a couple of options to customize here:

Settings.ini file – This is the file you’ll need to set the parameters in. The process is very similar to Pinball FX3. 

Backglass images: There are 2 image types. One, which you need to name pfx.png will serve as the default background of your backglass. 
The other type is table-specific images. Each table has a number, and you’ll need to copy your desired backglass images of each table into this directory. Name them according to the table number, for example: ‘Table_147’ for Wrath of the Elder Gods – Director’s Cut.

Please find a list of Table numbers at the end of this section. 

How will Cabinet Mode be supported?

The features released at launch are the foundation of the mode. We are planning to improve this mode with future updates.

Will Pincab Mode be supported for all tables?

Yes, once unlocked Pincab Mode is available for every table in Pinball M.

We can’t wait to show you our brand new “M” rated pinball game, this is a dream coming true for us to launch a new platform without any limitations. Don’t forget to wishlist the game, as Pinball M launches on Thursday on Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, and the Epic Games Store and later on Nintendo Switch! 😉

And finally, here are the table IDs for the images:

Duke Nukem’s Big Shot Pinball 176

Dead by Daylight™ Pinball 174

The Thing Pinball 175

Chucky’s Killer Pinball 171

Wrath of the Elder Gods – Director’s Cut 147