Zen Holiday Sale Extravaganza!

Published: December 24, 2020

Zen Holiday Sale Extravaganza!

Published: December 24, 2020

It is the coziest time of the year! While several countries in the world have restrictions and curfews in place, we invite you to curl up with hot tea and play some games! We have a good selection of games at the ready, let’s jump in – I’ll divide these up for platforms like Nintendo, Steam, etc! 


Indie World Holiday Sale – Nintendo Americas
Dec 23-Jan 2

-66% PFX3 Medieval pack
-66% PFX3 Carnivals & Legends
-60% PFX3 Iron & Steel pack
-50% PFX3 Portal
-50% PFX3 Williams Pinball Volume 4
-50% PFX3 Williams Pinball Volume 5
-50% PFX3 Aliens vs Pinball
-55% Operencia: The Stolen Sun

Festive Offers & Other Discounts – Nintendo Europe & ANZ
Dec 17-Dec 31

-40% Star Wars Pinball
-50% PFX3 Williams Pinball Volume 5
-20% PFX3 Williams Pinball Volume 6
-50% CastleStorm II
-70% Disco Dodgeball Remix
-50% PFX3 Balls of Glory
-50% PFX3 WMS 3
-60% PFX3 Core Collection
-50% PFX3 Portal
-50% PFX3 Aliens vs. Pinball
-60% PFX3 Carnivals & Legends
-60% PFX3 Sci-Fi Pack

Epic Games Christmas Sale

Dec 17 – Jan 7

-60% Operencia: The Stolen Sun
-50% Dread Nautical
-50% CastleStorm II
-50% Zen Triple RPG Bundle

PlayStation Holiday-January Sales – Global

Dec 22-Jan 19

– 50% Dread Nautical
-60% Infinite Minigolf
-50% PFX3 Williams Pinball Volume 2
-50% PFX3 Universal Classics Pinball
-66% PFX3 Iron & Steel
-50% Operencia: The Stolen Sun
-40% PFX3 Universal Monsters Pinball
-50% PFX3 Marvel Pinball S2 Bundle
-66% PFX3 Carnivals & Legends
-50% PFX3 Williams Pinball Volume 3
-66% Out of Ammo

Steam Winter Sale:

Dec 22 – Jan 5

We’ve gone all out here with a full catalog sale that has so many items I can’t even.
All our Pinball FX3 packs, Operencia, Infinite Minigolf, and Pinball FX2 VR & DLCs to name a few.
Check out our dev page on Steam to see all the discounts. If you are there, please give us a follow as well to get the fresh scoop on Zen Steam events!