Hello Pinball Fan!

Thank you for your interest in helping us make this brand-new multiplayer game mode better! Please take a look at the form below and sign up!

We will create a closed group inside the Pinball FX Discord channel and let those in who got in for the test. You will be able to discuss the game with us and other players, tell us about bugs, give us suggestions and hopefully – enjoy the game! You’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire as well.

You will need an Epic Games Store account and a Discord Account to participate.

Please keep in mind, that you will be required to accept the terms of our NDA on the form behind the button. The contents of the test are confidential, meaning you cannot discuss the gameplay, looks, or methods of the game outside the closed group. You are also forbidden to upload screenshots, videos, and the like to public channels.

We will let 100 people in the first round and possibly expand in the future.